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TurboTycoon is where you get the best deals to your phone, and have the opportunity to make money telling others.
Posted By drmhunter
drmhunter How do i make money
759 days ago | Comment

fordruby Hi drmhunter and welcome to TurboTycoon!
This has got to be the easiest and coolest way I have ever seen to make money. Text coupons are going to be the wave of the future for businesses to advertise, and we are here at the very beginning! Now we also have the additional income stream of being able to click on TurboAds and earn money simply by visiting the
advertiser's website!
One important thing to always remember is that even though this is such a simple income stream, it does require US to do our part and share this opportunity with everyone we can.
All we have to do is make sure others know about this great way to save money and MAKE money while doing it! The more you share, the more you make from all the texts that are sent to everyone in your network. At this time we are still in beta phase and the primary source of income is clicking on TurboAds while we wait for the text program to fully launch. There are members who are already making hundreds of dollars a month just from their network clicking on TurboAds! So imagine the income to be made when the texts go fully live!
Right now you will want to take advantage of this beta period by focusing on building your network as well as clicking on TurboAds.
There is no such thing as getting money for nothing. You will get out of this incredible opportunity exactly what you put into it. There are so many people out there who need the money they can make with TurboTycoon just as badly as you do...so be the one to share it with them!! You will BOTH profit from it.
Here is a link to a getting started page and video created by a fellow Turbo Tycoon member. This is a great resource for learning how to get going with this awesome program!
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Posted By wonderlady
wonderlady To Turbo Tycoon: I haven't clicked Turbo Ads in a while. I don't remember my login for the Turbo Ads. How can I get this info.? I was going to try to uninstall the ads so then I can reinstall them. But it told me that it seems like the Turbo Ads were already uninstalled. But on the Getting Started section on here is saids they are installed. Please help! Thank you.
760 days ago | Comment

fordruby Hi Emma! Your username for TurboAds should be the same as for your TT log in. As far as your password, I don't know how you could retrieve that. :( Sorry I can't be of more help to you.
759 days ago | Remove

cpennington Username and Password for Turbo Ads is the same as your login for Turbo Tycoon.
757 days ago | Remove

wonderlady Hi. I did try the same login I have for Turbo Tycoon but it didn't work. I wish the owner would reply to me about this because I can't click the ads until I get this fixed. Thanks for your help though.
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Posted By atiff
atiff Ok..I'm looking at past comments...is this real?or another scam..jus wanna know before I go further.
772 days ago | Comment

sjgriffith It is real I have been making money since October 2010 and getting paid.
771 days ago | Remove

cpennington I too have been receiving payments since 2010. Txt are not extablished yet, but the turbo ads application has been available since 2010 to present, and pays well for viewing the ads. Hope this helps.
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justfree Same here!
770 days ago | Remove

tjung10 Yep.....it's real!
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Posted By scorpio47
scorpio47 Hi, I am new member and am trying to get my cell verified.
But I dont get the verification code.
Can someone please assist me???

777 days ago | Comment

sjgriffith The code is sent directly to your phone, if you have boost or a phone that goes thru another company like sprint, verizone or something you may have to try every one of them until you find the one that your phone is working with. Just start at the first one and keep putting your phone number in all of them until you find one that works
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Posted By fordruby
fordruby Could we get another update please? Or how about just going for it and taking us out of beta????
786 days ago | Comment
Posted By sjgriffith
sjgriffith What happened to the text messages and the new site
791 days ago | Comment
Posted By cpennington
cpennington Hello Joe and the TurboTycoon Team! In the Dec 30th update, there was an estimated start date for the text message portion of TT for "Feb 1st or sooner". Due to the current issue with "a few bugs" which has created an additional 24 days of delay in obtaining the newly updated website and all the features highlighted to come with the new look and feel of TurboTycoon, Is it safe to say that the text portion date is also being pushed back? Or will we begin to see this start up accordingly. And could we get a current progress report and date for when the new website will or could go live?
Thank you!!

813 days ago | Comment

sjgriffith We are all on pins and needles waiting on this, can't wait until we see progress, hopefully soon.
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Posted By icemanx
icemanx people are not appearing in my down-line after they sign up using my link.
820 days ago | Comment

cpennington @icemanx If you have technical problems, please call 615-264-4747 9 - 5 Monday through Friday (central time zone)
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Posted By TurboTycoon
TurboTycoon OK, coming up for air here...
Sorry for the delays in the upgrade folks. Just want to let you know that it is AWESOME and it should be up in just a few days. We found a few bugs, and are working them out.
Get ready for some very cool stuff!

837 days ago | Comment

cpennington Yeah, Zap those bugs! lol Can't wait for all this cool stuff and to see the new Turbo Tycoon!! Thank you for the update.
837 days ago | Remove

fordruby Thanks for keeping us in the loop! :)
837 days ago | Remove

justfree Thank you!
836 days ago | Remove

Kellykh Hi, I am having a hard time getting my cell phone put into the verification code area it won't let me and says my phone is already verified. Could you fix this? Thanks have a good day.
821 days ago | Remove

vondubb1 my out of browser application wont work i spent countless hours on trying to fix it but I cant find out what the problem is. Can anyone help me?
807 days ago | Remove

sjgriffith If you have technical problems, please call 615-264-4747 9 - 5 Monday through Friday (central time zone)
805 days ago | Remove

Proficient515 This post was made 32 days ago and I thought the upgrades were coming in only a few days from this post...? O_O
Must be alot of bugs.
805 days ago | Remove

Super_Inggo Is this causing the delay for my claimed earnings to be transferred to my account. It is still pending for a week now. It is my first claim and it make me think that this is not real. People on chat are not real as well.
A few seconds ago | Comment
801 days ago | Remove

cpennington @Super Inggo Yes, payout requested have been delayed due to the update, however, they are being paid. There were payments received on Feb 13th, did you receive payment to your paypal? It will be from "Midten Media". The update to the website will take us out of the beta period and requested earnings will be made reguraly. TT's goal is within 3 days during normal working conditions but may take up to 10 days according to the TAC. Does this help?
799 days ago | Remove

Patri7 Any new updates, on the upgrades?
772 days ago | Remove

eddoris123 i think you are full of crap
760 days ago | Remove

satguru How many years will your awesomeness take to hatch? Please, stop your update. They are causing stress to members.
754 days ago | Remove

chi24 Recd. another payment...thanks Turbo!...anxious for the next update though...been a long time
750 days ago | Remove

avance2010 I don't find the program's contact section. Does anybody can help me?
739 days ago | Remove

cpennington @avance2010: Phone 615-264-4747 M-F 9-5
738 days ago | Remove

Unication Sounds amazing, can't wait to see what they are!
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Posted By TurboTycoon
TurboTycoon We are finalizing things now for the updates. I know you are "Chomping at the bit" as they say on the farm. Won't be long now. Pushing to get them up soon.
841 days ago | Comment

jowen82 can't wait :D
841 days ago | Remove

cpennington Exciting!!
841 days ago | Remove

sjgriffith Great news getting excited
841 days ago | Remove

justfree yes, very exciting
841 days ago | Remove

tjung10 Cool.....
841 days ago | Remove

jowen82 I was wondering if you planned on adding the feature to see how much each member of your network has earned for you? I would like to see that implemented in the update if at all possible.
841 days ago | Remove

jowen82 how about a feature to see where you referred a member from...that would be awesome
824 days ago | Remove

daleyi Been ready since: 7/9/2010
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Posted By PGS28
PGS28 Am I the only one having issues with the desktop Turbo ad launcher?
846 days ago | Comment

TurboTycoon What seems to be the problem?
846 days ago | Remove

PGS28 Nevermind! As I suspected when I saw no one else was having problems with their launcher it was my computer. All is well now. Happy 2012!!
844 days ago | Remove
Posted By TurboTycoon
TurboTycoon Hello Tycooners!
I know it has been awhile since you have heard from us, but we have been busy little beavers! As you know, we have been working very hard to take TurboTycoon out of beta, and get her ready for an onslaught of text messages. We are getting ready to push a major update to the site. The site may be down from time to time over the weekend, as we push this update.
The update will bring a new look and feel to the website. Here are some highlights:
1. Separate login for Members and Businesses.
2. Separate landing pages for Potential Businesses, and Potential Members.
3. Comprehensive Business Management back end (separate from Member dashboard).
4. Upgraded Membership Dashboard
5. Support for Brokers and Agencies
6. Support for Non-Profit and fund raiser groups.
7. Better social support.
8. Text Messages will begin Feb 1 or sooner. It will start slow, and gradually increase to 3 or 4 per day per user over a 4 month period.
9. Updated Price Plan for businesses to allow support for Agencies and brokers.
10. Back end mobile support for future mobile applications.
Our long term goals are to provide a place for you to receive great offers, both locally and nationally. We will support both Text Messaging and TurboAds. The beta has been a success, and our advertisers are very happy with the activity for the most part.
There are a few people abusing the system (you know who you are). For those people who are clicking on ads for other members of their organizations, or logging in for their friends or downline, please cease now, or you could lose your account. We will be monitoring very closely, and there could be repercussions.
Other than a couple of cheaters, All of you guys have been awesome! Get ready for a great 2012, and the move of TurboTycoon out of beta, and into the main stream.
Keep in mind, that there is no cost to the consumer, and even if a consumer never builds an organization, they can still create revenue in their account simply by visiting our sponsors, and receiving their messages.
We pay 49% of all that we receive in advertising revenue back to the consumer! In 2012 that means we will be paying out hundreds of thousands of dollars to our members! Thousands of you will build a lifetime ongoing revenue stream sharing in a multi-billion dollar industry. Building your TurboTycoon network is like building your own money making media outlet. This is going to be a lot of fun!!!!!

846 days ago | Comment

tjung10 cool.... looking forward to the update!
846 days ago | Remove

Joe :)
846 days ago | Remove

cpennington Thank you for the update! Sounds like another busy weekend for you all. I appreciate what you're all doing and very glad to have been apart of this beta process.
I have one question, There are people in my downline that only have one computer. Early on, I encouraged those with more than one cell phone # per household could sign up seperately but log into the same turboads system on the same computer. Is this what will be considered cheating in forward and if so, will these rules be emailed to the members or added to the site TAC to prevent this from happening or from anyone losing their memberships? In this case, will anyone within the same household who has a cell phone # be allowed to join TT but only one per household can use the turbo ads system? From what I understood before, members must download the turbo ads to be considered active to earn from downline activitey and to receive text message coupons... Thanks for clarifying.
Happy NEW YEAR 2012!!!!
846 days ago | Remove

TurboTycoon Hi cpennington. Same household is fine. We can tell when it is a family with multiple phones. We have a lot of family's and we encourage all cell phones in a household to register if they want. We love that! The people who are abusing know who they are. As I have said, Everyone has been fantastic except for a couple of cheaters.
846 days ago | Remove

cpennington Awesome Joe! Thank you for the reply :)
846 days ago | Remove

justfree This is fantastic news! It all sounds great, and you bet it'll be a lot of fun. Looking forward to it! Happy New Year and thanks for the update!
845 days ago | Remove

sdischar We have installed the turbo ads launcher at work because a lot of us don't have internet access at home or we only have access through our phones and we cannot download the launcher. We all use the same computer and launcher. Are we allowed to do this? We all have seperate cell phones and accounts but login through the same computer and launcher.
840 days ago | Remove
Posted By cpennington
cpennington Thank you for yet another successful payout. This makes 58 payments since Oct 2010 with over $3200 received now. I want to wish everyone at TurboTycoon a Very Merry Christmas and to say Thank You for all you do! You made three children extra happy this Christmas. God Bless.
857 days ago | Comment

TurboTycoon We want to hear more of these stories over the new year. Get ready for a great new year!
847 days ago | Remove
Posted By damayah
damayah Something is wrong with this site... http://www.ashleyfurniturehomestore.com/ScriptResource.axd?d=baOdZrnGS4H09IrBH9pUFJCYl1ouppwMyHTq8rCHA1UIDMxlGhMYZGIuTPNSXfLnJqL9Y0f84MNjub0mpd6FKBRmit2_JwrwtuxoO1_tln8Iwp1-H_dK3Stwjm5kBGiTlff_2W_Rc2Zds4dclr1etsousHbbPG3jstKssZnqZI_fdbA2y_qVHK3-10NnGUaGfTJ86JWBe6FZlw9IHxQrL1LIH2IAHLCLGwGJlXUEAiy8Ass5v6fAahTllBvaNQIDnaSdQzX4t4mkbUUBePsSWSqseYptfnaYTySgKxdDNS9TtFt5-wzRtE7Z9OCqmc_Dt3jRbf8pm0PZ0xbbSW3tINXEGBYnFcfztetRGJOPIKMPGxiGYqRlrdydVNAaB0of0mt71g2
857 days ago | Comment
Posted By damayah
damayah Can someone get the egghead patrol or the geek squad to fix this site - www.ashleyfurniturehomestore.com. It doesn't clear when I click GET TURBO ADS.
857 days ago | Comment
Posted By freedomconcepts
freedomconcepts will the text we get only be from our area's?
897 days ago | Comment
Posted By MommyRaena
MommyRaena I am ready to start advertising but it is troubling that i have not really seen progress. 2009 to now is a long time. What exactly is going on before I spend time or money in promoting this. What is a realistic target date to begin getting texts?
904 days ago | Comment

Momzofall I agree I'm still waiting on a response from anyone who has been on here since 2009 to find out what they are making.
903 days ago | Remove

fordruby Please contact me at fordruby69@yahoo.com for some valuable info. You will be glad you did!
903 days ago | Remove

cpennington Turbo Tycoon started taking business memberships around the last week of Aug 2010. I don't know when consumer memberships went public but I was introduced to TT at the tail end of June 2010 and it was described as "the soft launch into beta". I searched several threads and reviewed the press releases for TT which are all dated in mid 2010. I don't believe Turbo Tycoon was made public in 2009 or enrolling members. However, I have been with TT for over a year and after the launch of the TurboAds program in Oct 2010, income started coming in and I'm very happy with the additional $3,000+ TT has paid me in the past year. I'm looking forward to the new update to take us out of beta. :)
903 days ago | Remove

tjung10 This is simply on of the best "FREE" programs going!! I think people forget it is free, and are never satisfied.
902 days ago | Remove

fordruby I have put full time effort into promoting this program for a year and a half now. I have 350ish people in my network and have made almost $90 the whole time I've been with TT. I click TurboAds religiously, and I don't understand how some people are actually making an income with this!
I am grateful that it's free and will never complain about it, but I'm ready for something to happen. We go MONTHS at a time without hearing anything about the progress of this program. Now there are other cash texts programs that are flying so far past TT that it isn't even funny.
If you knew the work I've put into TT, you wouldn't be satisfied with $90 in 1 1/2 years either.
901 days ago | Remove

Momzofall Go check out my website at www.nofeemoneymakers.com
898 days ago | Remove

tjung10 @Momzofall so the whole point of you coming here and complaining was to push another program? LOL....
896 days ago | Remove

Momzofall No of course not I did the turbo ads for a bit but it messed with my computer then I Started to read other peoples questions about why they stopped text messaging and no answers then I got curious of how much people were makin after a year and one answer of 50 a week is defiantly not what you are lead to believ you will make and the no response from turbo tycoon then I thought well you guys need to know about ithers out there that stay in touch...
896 days ago | Remove
Posted By TurboTycoon
TurboTycoon OK, sorry for the delays on payments. Our Goal is 3 days tops, but we are trying to finish up a major upgrade to the site, and it may take 10 to 12 days sometimes. We are just about done with our update, and it should regulate once we have uploaded.
In the next update to the site, look for support for Ad Agencies and Brokers. Also, we have separated the membership log-in from the Business log-in. We have updated pricing structure to support multiple businesses who want to send text messages. We have made it more social, and user friendly. This next update will take us out of beta, and we will begin pushing traffic to the site, as well as businesses.
Our goal is for everyone to receive 2 or 3 text messages per day on local specials in their area. It is coming, and we have a great support team here helping us with this update.
Thanks for your understanding and patience as we build this product. Won't be long now. We are 95% done, and putting the final touches on now.

915 days ago | Comment

jalisco Thank you for the update!
915 days ago | Remove

jklpet Thanks for the info! Now I can get the rest of my network excited, too!
915 days ago | Remove

jowen82 Thanks for keeping us informed!
915 days ago | Remove

justfree Good to hear. Thank you very much.
915 days ago | Remove

Cork sounds like good news.
915 days ago | Remove

WayneCAlderman Thanks this solved my question
914 days ago | Remove

Emfoo Ok is this the long awaited UPDATE? well yesterday i saw some ERROR in pages..hmmmn
914 days ago | Remove

nag finally really soon to the upgrade
914 days ago | Remove

blcashflow Excellent! Great to hear this program is taking off positively. I can't wait to see the great changes and extra revenue coming in. GO TurboTycoon! :-)
914 days ago | Remove

chi24 have a friend in Australia who is having difficulty signing up with adding his cell number, it is too long...please advise. thanks
910 days ago | Remove

justfree Only accepting USA and Canadian cell phones right now.
910 days ago | Remove

chi24 thanks for the response justfree.
910 days ago | Remove

daleyi Will the update allow member to send messages to their network either through text or email?
909 days ago | Remove

Momzofall I was just wondering I noticed people have posted about this company years ago and no one at all has talked about making good money. Even after signing up in 2009 and 2010. I have people under me and we have yet to receieve text. This is a long time to have no revenue built up. Just wondering because I want to stay excited about this.
906 days ago | Remove

sjgriffith Have you downloaded the turbo bar and start clicking the ads, I am making over $125 weekly from my clicking and my downline clicking
906 days ago | Remove

Momzofall Yes I am up to 40c lol But that is not a lot of money to be making for two years. I really want to hear from someone who has been in this for two years that is making real $$. If this is real then they should be out there. I hope they are.
906 days ago | Remove

daleyi I agree with you Momzofall, all this is taking way too much time. sjgriffith - You said something about a turbo BAR, what is that and where do you go to download it?
905 days ago | Remove

Momzofall On the left hand side by your amount and friends it should say turbo ads. Click it DL iir and open it in a new window then click on the ads. You don't make much and not a lot come through but you will make more if your people under you click to. It's better than nothing. :-)
905 days ago | Remove

Momzofall If I don't get a positive response from my last question I am going to take down my ad for this and stop promoting it because how can I heart fully convince someone to sign up to a company with no real progress since 2009. I have had one response about making $100 something a week bu since 2009 that isn't worth the time and hassle. You make it sound like we should be making thousands a month.
903 days ago | Remove

Momzofall Well the click on ads thing has changed. Before when I would click on them nothing would pop up but I would still get credit. Now each one pops up in a window and you have to x out which takes more time. Plus my virus thing does not like some of them so make sure you have a good virus program on your computer!
903 days ago | Remove

mexicali I agree with Momzofall about having a good virus program. My computer tuns off constantly while checking messages.
903 days ago | Remove

Momzofall Hey guys if you want add me on Facebook. Becky young graham
903 days ago | Remove

sjgriffith I just added you on facebook
903 days ago | Remove

Momzofall I don't see your request :-(
902 days ago | Remove

tjung10 Trust me it's worth it.
902 days ago | Remove

yadymax I believe is worth it. It depends on how exited and active your network is. I have a great network and I'm thankful for every penny I get here. I love it!
902 days ago | Remove

sjgriffith This is the best and easiest free money online
902 days ago | Remove

Momzofall Since that turbo ads update m virus software hates it and my explorer keeps shutting down and my computer is new. I don't understand why we still haven't heard from anybody that has been on here since 2009 and all the money they are making and why thy stopped the text thing for months..
901 days ago | Remove

justfree Member since June 2010:
10/27/2011 40.2689 Transferred
10/15/2011 58.6655 Transferred
10/03/2011 47.4508 Transferred
09/24/2011 49.8055 Transferred
901 days ago | Remove

freedomconcepts glad to hear the update, there is competition out there trying to do the same thing so lets get this party started!
901 days ago | Remove

kjleglue The compitetion is totally different and doesn't affect this because they can be worked along side this one, and this one is the king of text messages, setting the stage
900 days ago | Remove

keyl6 thanks
900 days ago | Remove

Momzofall So just free you are saying you are only making less than $50 a week since a year ago? That is very discouraging...this text thing makes you think you are going to make a lot!
900 days ago | Remove

justfree @Momzofall... Why be discouraged? My earnings here have declined somewhat, true enough, but at least it's paying something consistently. That, I cannot complain about. Once TT gets it together and goes into full launch, hopefully, those who have not participated in a while will find their way back and get with the program again.
If you want to be serious about this program, the best thing you can do right now is concentrate on the big picture and refer others, click on the TurboAds daily, and teach your referrals to do the same. In time, you'll find that you would have grown a huge network that can get you paid on a consistent basis too.
899 days ago | Remove

Momzofall My virus scan does not like turbo ads...nor does my computer and it is new....check out my new website at nofeemoneymakers.com
898 days ago | Remove

justfree Tell your virus scan that TurboAds is okay!
898 days ago | Remove

gloria431 some please help me im lost right bout now
thank you
879 days ago | Remove

justfree How can we help, Gloria?
877 days ago | Remove

sexymomma Is this problem fixed?
874 days ago | Remove

b4real It's fine by me as long as get A check!
863 days ago | Remove
Posted By darr
darr I have the turbo ads downloaded and I open it 3 or 4 times dailey to click but it doesn't show up in my money as beeing clicked, in other words I don't get paid for my clicks can someone help me. I also have one person signed up and he has the same problem on his new laptop he clicks but the money doesn't show up, I love this program and would love to make money with it. So please someone tell me what I can do to get paid for my clicks, Thanks
925 days ago | Comment

fordruby Hello Darr!
Here is a link to a getting started page created by a fellow TT member. It shows how to properly click the TurboAds...
925 days ago | Remove

darr I am clicking the ads right, my sponsor who is making over $135 weekly came over and we did it together and reinstalled the ads and did everything we could but when we click it just just doesn't show up in my account
925 days ago | Remove

jowen82 check to make sure your browser allows javascript and cookies if it doesn't the tracking links can't properly link to you
919 days ago | Remove
Posted By justfree
justfree Thank you for "answering" my message. But why is it taking so long now? Please help us understand with a progress report or an update via email.
929 days ago | Comment

Emfoo I second that.Hope this is not a one man company with the knowledge of ASP.NET. Why not develop a monetized multi-author blog to increase TT G pagerank and increase organic traffic (revenue share1). Mobile apps with www.startapp.com/ (revenue Share2),get paid to survey(multiple stream of revenue just like peoplestring) so we can invite international members.
929 days ago | Remove
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